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The Affiliate Programme is suitable for anyone who has a strong network of online followers, either through a blog, social media platform or website.

  1. Complete the registration form with proof of your online activity.
  2. Fill out the questionnaire in the ‘Personal Details’ section.
  3. Upload a scanned copy/photo of a valid identity document (ID) – passport, ID card, driver’s licence.

Yes, you can join regardless of the amount of websites you have and you are free to promote FXTM on as many as you wish.

Your Affiliate link will look like this: http://forextime.com/?partner_id=48XXXXX.

You can find it in the ‘Referral Links’ section of your Affiliate Panel. Your referral link is also embedded on all widgets and web banners. 

  1. Cost per Acquisition from qualified traders. 
  2. Dynamic rebates for the lifetime of your clients’ trading.
  3. Rebates from non-qualified traders.
  1. Go to the ‘Tools’ section in your Affiliate panel.
  2. Select a widget or banner, and customise it to your preference.  
  3. Click on 'download' to copy the HTML code.
  4. Paste the HTML code on your website.

CPA is: Cost per Acquisition, which is a fixed one-time payment you will receive for every client that successfully registers with FXTM and completes the qualification criteria.

There are three levels and these are defined by the number of qualified active traders you have in a 30 day period. Your progress is checked hourly, and your upgrade to the next level is automatic.

Beginner: 0 – 15 Qualified Active traders.

Advanced: 16 – 30 Qualified Active traders.

Pro: 31+ Qualified Active traders.

Your client needs to meet the following criteria:

  • Have an amount of $500 in their trading account (each deposit must be made within 30 days of the other).
  • Trade the required number of lots for their Affiliate’s CPA level.
  • Continuously open/close trading positions over the past 30 days.

No, there is not. As long as your client keeps trading with FXTM, you keep earning.

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Risk warning: Trading is risky. Your capital is at risk. Exinity Limited is regulated by FSC (Mauritius).